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I´m a photographer from Köln in Germany (Cologne).

Nowadays the amount of incredible imagery produced on a daily basis is overwhelming, so for my own images i focus on showcasing my own view on things instead of reproducing the often seen. I want to take you with me to the places i visit and let you look through my eyes, feel what i felt and maybe even make you dream about beeing outside in the elements a little bit.

So who is Felix Inden i have been asked and as that´s hard to explain i´ll just say that i´m a cosmopolitan who loves to travel and really enjoys to feel the power of mother nature, who fluently speaks german, spanish and english. I also have a weird passion for snow and ice, which doesn´t mean that i don´t enjoy travelling in warmer places, but you might rather stumble over my tripod in the arctic than in tropical regions.

I often describe my imagery as emotional landscape photography. An image only works for me, if it evokes feelings. Those can be positive or negative, warm or cold- but i try to avoid keeping the viewer indifferent to what he has in front of his eyes.

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