Recently i have been testing a small little camera control device by the company MIOPS called the MIOPS Mobile Remote. This device allows us to quickly take control over our cameras and use a smartphone as controller. Besides just triggering normal exposures the Mobile Remote brings many quite advanced functions, which makes it a very interesting device for photographers and timelapse photograpers.

MIOPS Mobile Remote in action at Lofoten islands, Norway

I was not abled to test all 18 functions that this tool has in petto, but i tested the main features that i need in my normal routine as a landscape and architecture photographer. Once installed, the MIOPS App is quite easy to use without even needing an explanation. Most practical i found the normal remote situation where one just uses the phone to remotely trigger an exposure at the chosen settings. Besides that it´s practical to use the camera in BULB mode and set the given exposure time via the app. You can actually sit down in the car and just control the camera when it´s cold outside- quite comfortable!

Besides that i tried the BULB ramp timelapse, normal timelapse and the roadlapse where one can let the camera shoot after a set up distance of movement.

This device comes at a cost of around 125.- USD which makes it a rather pricy one. Compared to other devices that i have tried it´s worth the money though. It´s extremely small and fit´s in every little camera bag compartment. The rechargeable battery hold up for a long time and in weeks of use under arctic circumstances i still have not needed to charge it. And it simply does the job nicely with a bouquet of functions that i have still yet to try.

Go check it out if in interests you.

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