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Over the years i have developed bounds to some of the manufacturers which products i use on a daily basis. None of this is to be understood as blatant marketing of something that i can´t stand behind or simply get paid for- instead this is a honest recommendation of gear from someone who has been using these devices all around the world for many years.

Lucroit filterholders and filters

Lucroit is a family run company from Madrid in Spain that starting especializing in building custom filterholders for lenses which were not suitable for the use of standard screw in filters and filterholders. The most popular example might be the 165mm filter system that was designed around the famous Nikkor 14-24 2.8 which i basically use as my goto lens.

Nowadays they have a wide gamut of different filter solutions that is second to none. Special about the Lucroit system is the screw- less design which is a breeze to use in the field.

They now released the Lucroit HQ filter line which is a high quality and low color cast filter line made of optical quality glass.

Enter the discount code "felizuco" at the shopping basket at their shop and get 10% off!

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