Meet Felix

I´m a photographer from Köln in Germany (Cologne), specializing in landscape photography.

Born in Spain and raised in Germany and Chile i learned early that there is so much to discover in this world.

More than i will probably ever be abled to see in this life of mine.

Moving around continents made me flexible and curious. And i always loved to explore the nature that was surrounding me.

I never had been a good student in art class. Much more interested in reading and writing, it took me many, many years until i noticed that i may have an artistic side hidden deep inside of me.

One day i ended up with a camera in my hands.

Soon i realized that looking through the viewfinder suddenly everything changes.

A change of dimensions.

This changed my life! I was hooked.

Stopped all other hobbies and developed a true obsession for photography. My best addiction ever.

Quite frequently i get asked how i would describe my imagery and somehow i came up with the term immersive landscape photography.

An image only works for me, if it evokes feelings.

Those can be positive or negative, warm or cold- but i try to avoid keeping the viewer indifferent to what he has in front of his eyes. Ideally you find yourself continuing the story of the image in your thoughts- like a movie from which my image is a still.

Who is Felix Inden i have been asked and as that´s hard to explain. I´ll just say that i´m a fun dude who loves to travel and really enjoys to feel the power of mother nature.

Who fluently speaks german, spanish and english.

And prefers to see the glass half full over half empty.

I have a weird passion for snow and ice, which doesn´t mean that i don´t enjoy travelling in warmer places.

But you might rather stumble over my tripod in the arctic than in the tropical regions of this planet.

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